Re: Goertzel's New Book

Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 02:20:11 MST

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<< What??? Oh shit. That was just a little pleasantry. Meant to evoke a
 friendly smile. If anyone else felt that I was having a nasty shot at Ben,
 I apologize. Blame it on cultural differences in humor. (Ben has spent time
 in Oz, I'm hoping that he at least found the right shading in my quip.)
 Damien Broderick >>
95.00 garbonzos is a bit steep for this homeboy. I am fairly sure that D.
Broderick has yet to charge this rate for his books in either aussie or yank
dinars. I just spent my book quota on A+ certification books, so no Goertzel
book this month.

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