Re: don't blame god, you sick sinner

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Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 17:22:16 MST

God loves Lesbians

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Subject: don't blame god, you sick sinner

: This is undoubtably the real rational (speaking loosely) behind the nuts
who insist that AIDS is caused by lifestyle rather than HIV. Somehow, all
the absolutely contradictory evidence - the tragic holocaust among
hemophiliacs (was hemophilia another response to sin? Clearly God - who
stands outside of time and space and can see the whole breadth of our little
universe at once - can see that someone will be a really bad, evil,
UNBELIEVING!, SOB, and in special cases can punish them before the fact - as
seen on our puny human level, anyway. So what terrible deeds were our
wicked hemophiliacs destined to perpetrate????) Lucky we have God to take
them out and demonstrate here in the mere earthly realm just how miserable
he can make the evil ones.
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