Re: New Prospects for Putting Organs on Ice

From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 10:29:34 MST

Overall, this issue of Science has plenty of interesting articles for us
interested in state of the art body redesign:

Mechanical Circulatory Support--a Long and Winding Road
Patrick M. McCarthy and William A. Smith
Science Feb 8 2002: 998-999. [Abstract] [Full Text]

 Artificial Blood
Jerry E. Squires
Science Feb 8 2002: 1002-1005. [Abstract] [Full Text]

 A Bioartificial Liver--State of the Art
Alastair J. Strain and James M. Neuberger
Science Feb 8 2002: 1005-1009. [Abstract] [Full Text]

 Tissue Engineering--Current Challenges and Expanding Opportunities
Linda G. Griffith and Gail Naughton
Science Feb 8 2002: 1009-1014. [Abstract] [Full Text]

 Third-Generation Biomedical Materials
Larry L. Hench and Julia M. Polak
Science Feb 8 2002: 1014-1017. [Abstract] [Full Text]

 The Bionic Man: Restoring Mobility
William Craelius
Science Feb 8 2002: 1018-1021. [Abstract] [Full Text]

 Will Retinal Implants Restore Vision?
Eberhart Zrenner
Science Feb 8 2002: 1022-1025. [Abstract] [Full Text]

 Sending Sound to the Brain
J. P. Rauschecker and R. V. Shannon
Science Feb 8 2002: 1025-1029. [Abstract] [Full Text]

 Repairing the Injured Spinal Cord
Martin E. Schwab
Science Feb 8 2002: 1029-1031. [Abstract] [Full Text]

There is also an entry in ScienceNOW about a fMRI study of the placebo
effect done by some researchers I know.

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