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A SENEGALESE CORPORATION ( yeah sorry but my hdd is failing on my vaio
(development machine) so I'm depressed and just feel like joining that cow
business =)):
You have 5 cows, they're healthy and produce x amounts of milk/month. Soon
there are 10 cows, then 20, then 30. When the number reaches 40, suddenly 38
cows literally disappear. Some Senegalese breeders accuse Mauritanians. The
Mauritanians say they're innocent. Some fight starts, and someone dies. The
story gets told and retold by the press. People's fears and angers are being
played with. A few hundreds Mauritanians get slaughtered in broad daylight
(decapitations and emasculations and the whole shabang...), their shops and
businesses are vandalized, burned. State of emergency is declared in
Senegal. In the meantime, everybody forgets about the cows....

PS: I was's a true story (in the real story, no cows were
stolen, I forgot what was the exact issue but it was like 'your cows are
eating my grass'), , I was a teenager then and it scared the hell outta
me.... Some perfectly 'normal' people that I knew, turned into shop
looters... I'm talking about adults, not kids.... Public anger is a
dangerous thing. Senegal and Mauritania are long term neighbours,
Mauritanians used to run most street corners shops in Senegal, those events
ended that state of affairs.

*bored and angry Arona*

PS2: Anyone involved in anything PalmOS on the list ? If yes, reply offlist
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> At 11:49 PM 2/7/02 +1100, Miriam English <> wrote:
> >Darn, there isn't an Australian one... so I'll relate the sitch here:
> >
> >You have two cows. You send one to a distant Pacific island and place the
> >other in a razor-wire-fenced detention center. You refuse to let anyone
> >to milk it and then complain that we need to import milk at such high
> Weeellll-- This is probably all incomprehensibly parochial for the
> non-Aussies who largely comprise the list, but those in charge of cow
> would disagree with this account, asserting that it's more like:
> You have one cow that swam ashore. You can't be certain that it is not
> infected with plague, so you place it in a razor-wire-fenced detention
> center. Another cow swims ashore but you are starting to suspect that
> are not cows but rabbits, so you send it to a distant Pacific island. The
> number of cows (or possibly rabbits) arriving at shore drops drastically
> and your board gets reappointed with a bonus.
> Damien Broderick

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