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From: Olga Bourlin (
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 20:15:48 MST

From: "Samantha Atkins" <>
> Olga Bourlin wrote:

> > valued at all (no matter how hard they work - and by "work" I mean doing
> > something that takes away from one's leisure and personal time). That
> This is a rather cynical view of work, isn't it? While I have
> been fortunate enough to meet a few people in my time that I
> consider significantly brighter than I, I was bright enough in
> school (I suspect many here were) to understand "effortlessly"
> things that most had to struggle mightily with. I used to feel
> guilty for getting the A while others worked many, many times
> harder to eek out a C. But does that mean the system was unjust
> or simply that we are not all born or nurtured or somehow
> [randomly] meta-programmed equally?

Sorry I don't have time to answer responses adequately, although one
(Samantha's) above perplexes me. I was talking about "work" (as in making
a living) v. leisure and personal time (as in reading, traveling, cooking,
raising orchids, or whatever ...). I'm not certain how eeking good grades
in school came into play. (My idea of school is that it's a perpetual
vacation - what could possibly be more fun? To me, the most decadent life
imaginable would be to live as an intellectual.)


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