Re: more about growth hormone and the decline of years

Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 19:39:26 MST

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>I would freely accept that GH supplementation in humans might accelerate
>cancer progression. That however might be counteracted by angiogenesis
>inhibitors. On the other hand GH supplementation might contribute to
>increased muscle mass that would tend to reduce falls, hip fractures,
>long periods of hospital down time and decreased mobility.

Quite possible. Reducing GH will reduce insulin growth factor activity,
and that reduction seems to be what triggers the CR effect. I believe all of
the longevity mutants with identified effects downregulate the IGF-1 pathway.
It's in nematodes and yeast as well as mice; that's pretty broad.
There's a lot of concern on the CR list about osteoporosis (several of the
practitioners have it as middle-aged males; very unusual) and osteoporosis
appears to be linked to low IGF-1 levels in humans.

But the link between low IGF-1 activity and slow aging is very good;
hence it's very likely that GH supplementation will speed aging per se.

>The length of life x quality of life product is one that
>has a very subjective valuation. We must always be careful to
>look to the person whose life is involved to ascertain those

Of course. But right now, I'd say don't use GH unless you have some medical
problem (ie. osteo, immune deficiency) that justifies it. GH for looks,
sexiness, or athletic performance is a bad deal IMO - you're risking
many years of life and early deterioration.

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