RE: more about growth hormone and the decline of years

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Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 17:46:18 MST

GH is bad for you. It has a significant aging-promoting effect in transgenic
mice and most likely humans (see Bartke A. Brown-Borg HM. Bode AM. Carlson
J. Hunter WS. Bronson RT. Does growth hormone prevent or accelerate aging?.
[Review] [78 refs] [Journal Article. Review. Review, Tutorial] Experimental
Gerontology. 33(7-8):675-87, 1998 Nov-Dec) for review.

This reminds me about two of my patients, a married couple, who were
spending a fortune on GH supplementation, dreaming of staying forever young,
but most likely just speeding up a rush towards an early grave, all because
they read some quack's book on the alleged benefits of GH. And they wife was
very tanned, too - she looked ten years older than she was.


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Note, unsurprisingly, that nowhere in the article are
the observed effects described as reversing, turning
back, or halting aging.

Best, Jeff Davis

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