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Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 11:01:33 MST

Ok. Synopsis of 4FEB02 Investor Release from Metabolic Pharmaceuticals Ltd
re:AOD9604 Phase 2A Human Clinical Trials.

Four week human trial of an anti-obesity drug administered intravenously to
assess various parameters, including safety and efficacy.

"...AOD9604...acts specifically on the body's fat cells to enhance the
breakdown of stored fats and inhibit the synthesis of new fat....The drug
is modelled on the fat reducing portion of the hGH (human growth hormone)

The drug shows significant fat-reducing results in an ~45yo population
subset, whereas no significant reduction in the ~25yo subset. Confirms hGH
mimicry as the 45yo group would be expected to have declining levels of
hGH, with the likelihood of being more responsive to artificially induced
metabolic up-regulation.

In treating age-onset obesity, the drug appears to be an effective
candidate for the targeted clientele. It avoids the overall weight gain
that is seen in hGH supplementation due to increased mass in muscle, organ
and bone.

There already exists data that demonstrates that eliminating obesity
oftentimes/usually resolves the coexisting Type II diabetes, high blood
pressure and increased frequency of cardiovascular events. Surgical
intervention in the morbidly obese via an improved "stomach-stapling"
procedure has shown dramatic results in improved patient outcome.
[Evidence-based appropriate care]

With AOD9604 issues of cost, coverage and compliance will be interesting to

Insurance companies are already assessing pro-rating drug co-pays by
categorizing/classifying clients on different protocols according to
prognosis in order to minimize costs while maximizing outcomes. Also,
big-brother may become a retroactive Siamese twin as compliance monitoring
may drive reimbursement payments for increasingly costly drugs cluttering
unopened medicine cabinets.

Of course, if Metabolic can put AOD9604 in a can of diet Coke and a bag of
chips, perhaps I should give my broker a call!

Ahhh! The fluoride of the *new* millennium.



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