A new url for Damien Broderick web site

From: Barbara Lamar (barbaralamar@sanmarcos.net)
Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 22:01:54 MST

Hi Extropians! I've been so busy now that I've started practicing law again
full time I've only had time to dip into the list every few days.

I've just moved my website devoted to Damien Broderick's work. The new url
is www.panterraweb.com/the_spike.htm

I know it might seem rude to be silent for weeks and weeks and then show up
only to promote my own web site. But there's a great deal of material up
there relevant to topics that repeatedly come up on the list. Rather than
try to list the material here, I'll invite you all to take a look.

Hey Spike, love your bovine humor.


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