Re: Gods

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 19:35:57 MST

At 07:24 PM 2/5/02 -0800, Nicq wrote:

>Magick is a taboo subject on Extropian lists, typically. I'd quit while
>you're ahead.

S/he's *not* ahead. That's the whole point. I've suggested a way to
demonstrate to us all that `sex magick' works; that it can bring about
objective changes to the world that can't be achieved by customary means.
Chesh declined the challenge. That isn't any way to be `ahead'; that's just
a way to cover your arse (and with the emperor's new undies, at that).

As for the strange, nay unearthly, claim that there's no Lotto available in
the USA (which I *think* the love doll was saying), try:

or follow Mike Lorrey's hint and send *him* the winning numbers. That way
you keep your hands clean of wrongful gain, and Mike will be able to fund a
starship using equally mysterious principles. :)

Damien Broderick

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