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re:'For a given caloric intake you can achieve a specific mass, no more'

Some people will be more muscular than others at a given caloric intake
depending on several factors including but not limited to:
Type and frequency of exercise, and efficiency of recovery (repair) from.
Macronutrient ratios (protein fat carb ratios, and what type,
bio-availability etc.)
Micronutrient factors (given caloric intake of potato chips and beer vs.
lean meat and fresh veggies)
Sleep/rest factors (stress hormones have an effect, as you 'grow' at rest,
not in the Gym)
Genetic factors (der...)
Endocrine state (hypothalamic sensitivity to LH, estrogen, GHRH etc, free to
bound testosterone etc.)

And so.. you can be more muscular or less for a given caloric intake, you
can look Brad Pit in fight club, or Bruce Lee enter the dragon 'ripped'.

I would chose to cut carbohydrate as the primary macronutrient (Protein
35%, Omega 3 rich. Carbohydrates (also 35%) only vegetables and fruit, no
beans, bread, potatoes, or any grain. Then dietary and supplemental forms of
fat should provide 20-30% of (daily) calories.

I would chose high bio-available proteins
I would avoid excessive aerobic activities
I would lift weights as a body builder (because I am)
I would supplement with Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris and Avena sativa, and
GH releasers

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: >From: "estropico >" <>
: >Is it at all possible? Do people on CR necessarily have to get
: >SOOO skinny?
: >With CR, I understand, the body becomes more efficient in the way
: >it uses the calories it receives. If this is correct, then the
: >following might make sense to you.
: >If I was to lower my present daily caloric intake (estimated at
: >2,200-2,400) to CR-level (i.e.~1,800) I would, of course, lose
: >weight. Given that my body-fat levels are low, that would also
: >mean losing muscle mass (not quite a plus, as far as Im
: >concerned!)
: >At some point, however, the above-mentioned better efficiency
: >should kick-in, right? Doesnt that improved efficiency mean that
: >I could then be able to maintain a pre-CR bodyweight (or similar)
: >while staying on 1,800 calories/day?
: >or am I just trying to have it both ways?
: You're trying to have it both ways.
: For a given caloric intake you can achieve a specific mass, no
: more.
: By the way muscle is the first thing to go when you adopt CR, (or
: diet) which is why I never have.
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