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Is there an atmosphere around me or a vacuum?

I could easily propel myself by blowing air in the right direction.

Is there (sun)light?

I could just wait until the light pressure accelerates me to a sufficient

Are there any fields in the surrounding space, like the magnetic field?

I could use interactions with these fields.

I wouldn't worry about being unable to leave the plane, under almost any
physical conditions imaginable.


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>On a *theoretical frictionless* surface, neither somersaults nor
>hands and knees will get you anywhere. Think in terms of
>conservation of momentum. On a theoretical frictionless
>surface, one cannot transfer momentum into the earth. So
>you need to get it from elsewhere. spike

I thought putting the surface on the earth was the loophole.

In the absense of gravity of course the trick wouldn't work at all,
but once it was on the earth I had the earth's mass and therefore
gravity to work with, and of course the surface was no longer
purely theoretical, it had to exist, so I could leave it at 90


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