Caloric restriction AND muscles ?!?

From: estropico > (
Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 04:08:56 MST

Is it at all possible? Do people on CR necessarily have to get SOOO skinny?

With CR, I understand, the body becomes more efficient in the way
it uses the calories it receives. If this is correct, then the following
might make sense to you.

If I was to lower my present daily caloric intake (estimated at 2,200-2,400)
to CR-level (i.e.~1,800) I would, of course, lose weight. Given that my
body-fat levels are low, that would also mean losing muscle mass (not quite
a plus, as far as Iím concerned!)

At some point, however, the above-mentioned better efficiency should
kick-in, right? Doesnít that improved efficiency mean that I could then be
able to maintain a pre-CR bodyweight (or similar) while staying on 1,800

Öor am I just trying to have it both ways?


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