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From: Alex Ramonsky (
Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 03:04:39 MST

I have tried this experiment. (Making something happen by having sex whilst
thinking about a weird mass of squiggles that once made up a coherent
(genetic) sentence). We did make something happen. It was a baby. Isn't that

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> At 09:52 PM 2/4/02 -0700, chesh wrote:
> >I think most people
> >would describe making something happen by having sex while thinking about
> a weird
> >mass of squiggles that once made up a coherent sentance is magic.
> Maybe most people would, because most people, sadly, don't know their arse
> from their elbow. But most rational and scientifically informed people
> would describe this claim as delusional (or playful).
> But we needn't argue about this. Just make it so. Here's a challenge that
> usually offer to self-proclaimed psychics and precognitive `remote
> viewers': cool, win Lotto next week, using your mojo. Never happens.
> that.
> Damien Broderick

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