Re: HUMOR: Re: challenge

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Feb 04 2002 - 21:50:00 MST

Brian D Williams wrote:

> >From: Randall Randall <>
> >Problem is, your solution assumes that there is friction between
> >the clothing and the frictionless surface, and by definition there
> >isn't. Most of the solutions proposed in the URI given, however,
> >were essentially useless. :)
> The trick of course is to exert any force perpendicular to the
> frictionless surface.
> Somersaults, crab-walking, even carefull hands-and-knees walking
> should all work. Brian

On a *theoretical frictionless* surface, neither somersaults nor
hands and knees will get you anywhere. Think in terms of
conservation of momentum. On a theoretical frictionless
surface, one cannot transfer momentum into the earth. So
you need to get it from elsewhere. spike

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