PST Chat Time at ExI-Community

From: E. Shaun Russell (
Date: Mon Feb 04 2002 - 20:24:58 MST

Hi all,

For those of you in the PST region, I'll be in the new chat forum on
ExI-Community from 10:30 PM on tonight. For those of you who may not yet
know, you can access the ExI-Community forum at An unbelievable 120 members
have joined since the list was announced publicly three days ago. I've
poked my head into the chat forum a few times since then and have seen
Eliezer Yudkowsky talking about the singularity, seen Max More questioning
John Grigg's religious beliefs, and seen many other interesting (and fun)
topics. Sometimes it feels guilty to have so much fun!

Hope to see some of you there...

E. Shaun Russell Operations Officer, Extropy Institute
                  ~K i n e t i c i z e Y o u r P o t e n t i a l~

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