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Date: Mon Feb 04 2002 - 16:20:27 MST

At the risk of getting the PC pirates pissed at
me again (as happened on the list this thread
originally started on...)

"Olga Bourlin" wrote...

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> <<Granted, again, this is from my own personal experience ... but it is
> overwhelming majority of rich people I've known who have avoided doing
> work and it is the middle class or poorer people I've observed who have
> the most work, often to ease the life for the "poor" rich blokes.
> O. >>
> Envy is a piss-poor reason to push for changes.

No envy here. I just don't understand how some human beings (one not
essentially different from another) are worth billions and some are barely
valued at all (no matter how hard they work - and by "work" I mean doing
something that takes away from one's leisure and personal time). That some
human beings are worth a BIT more than others I can understand. But the
HUGE earnings gap by those at the top to those at the bottom - that I don't,
and looks like I never will - understand. I've read the explanations
(written by the hunters, not the hunted), but they don't make sense to me.
Human beings are not that different one from another, and that's that.

   Cherish the gap. A few tens of thousands of years everyone was
destitute. Even the local shaman's main "form of excessive wealth"
was a job with plenty of slack time.
  These days things are different. That big huge gap is something
that makes me feel good about being a monkey. I know that
the top drags the bottom, the gap gets wider, but where the
gaps boundaries are at the top AND the bottom are in everdynamic
  Human beings are very different from one another. There is infinite
variety amongst us, and there's plenty of room at the top.
Oh that's's about socialization yielding all major differences
in outcomes and fuzzy words like dignity and equality backed up
with a court date. Thanks but no thanks.
  And stay out of MY yard. (in a figurative way of course :)

Blessed be the Gap, and all it's Work!

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