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From: Sehkenenra (
Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 19:33:31 MST

>Can you prove otherwise? Government has always operated more as a
>hindrance to individuals attaining wealth than a help. How, in fact, did
>government give Bill Gates $60 billion? How has it given Harvey, or
>Brent, or any other successful extropian their wealth. Every one of them
>will demonstrate how they worked their butts off for it.

Tell me, without a central government, how would America have won the second
world war? Retained it's position as a leader of global trade that has
allowed the massive economic growth of the 20th century? Avoided a violent
revolution that could have displaced our elected government with a
repressive totalitarian regime? No, Bill Gates did not get $60 Billion
handed to him by the US Government- it was the fact that we have a stable
social order and economy that allowed him to earn $60 Billion, which would
have been impossible under anarchy.

>You apparently don't know much about the US. Its actually quite a
>pastiche of systems from state to state, although the last half century
>has imposed a federal blanket of socialist confiscation upon everyone.
>It's tax system is rigged so that you either surrender any margin that
>would serve to make you wealthy, or you have to become a tax criminal to
>escape wage slavery.

Huh? Are we living in the same country, under the same tax system?
Although I pay little to nothing in taxes as a college student, I can tell
you that if the federal income tax was eliminated tomorrow, it wouldn't
change my family's lifestyle one bit (even though it would mean my father
would take home approximately $150,000 more per year). Those of us with
little to no real income are unaffected by the government's "blanket of
socialist confiscation"- and those who complain the most vocally about it
typically have more income than they truly need. Frankly, I don't mind it
one bit.

-Nicq MacDonald

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