RE: The Quest for the Purpose of Life

From: Smigrodzki, Rafal (
Date: Mon Feb 04 2002 - 09:59:14 MST

 Chen Yixiong, Eric [] wrote:

I wish to state that I don't think anyone can live forever, and not even
Type IV or above civilizations. One day, our universe will
end and with it us. Even if we travel to other universes, constantly hopping
from one to another as each terminates, accidents can
happen that will stop our existence.

### Actually, in the multiverse interpretation of quantum mechanics you
might have an infinite tree of histories containing direct continuations of
your person. Along the way there are infinitely numerous instances of branch
termination (meaning you die) but the other Erics in some branches always
keep on going (no doubt worrying about their mortality).


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