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Date: Mon Feb 04 2002 - 07:22:14 MST

The Post article stated that Antarctica is the only continent that is
cooling. As far as empirical data go the jury's in: in the last 100
years average land surface temperatures have increased by about 1 degree
Fahrenheit. The most advanced climatic models indicate an anthropogenic
cause, but given the complexity of the subject it's always possible that
the current models are wrong.

There's a good article in the current issue of Scientific American --
"Misleading Math about the Earth" -- that addresses global warming and
other environmental issues. Check it out.

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Oh right , now I see. Global warming theory is a conspiracy against
Libertarians. I think the jury's still out, and despite your
most climatologists do believe the earths avaerage temperature is rising
weather change is accelerating, yours is a minority view; but it must be

lovely to be so certain about almost everything.

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