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Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 21:05:47 MST

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<< We are no longer slaves to evolution. We have the power to ameliorate some
 changes now, and need not simply sit around letting them eat cake (to
 forestall allocating some truly important things, like ... national health
 insurance). >>

We are still slaves to evolution. We are just getting to the experimental
phase where we can have green-glowing rabbits and perhaps grow organs from
adult stem cells, maybe. So far, genetic technology has not really saved a
whole lot of lives, have they?

<<Yes, if it happens and when it happens ... but what about in the meantime?
We have the resources to effect good changes now (and just in case things
don't turn out as fast and as optimally as we would wish).>>

I am not sure we will have the clout to reorder the economy, or be
influential enough to successfully persuade people that its in their interest
to do thus and such. Most Americans are content, at this point, with HMO's
and Cobra co-pays and medicare, for example. There is no rioting in the
streets in demand of national health insurance currently. Nor, are there load
voices demanding solar energy, or cars running
on hydrogen, or space colonies. I am not celebrating this fact, just
acknowledging it. This is our starting place and, face it, this is where we
have been, for many years.

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