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Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 15:30:27 MST

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> <<Granted, again, this is from my own personal experience ... but it is
> overwhelming majority of rich people I've known who have avoided doing
> work and it is the middle class or poorer people I've observed who have
> the most work, often to ease the life for the "poor" rich blokes.
> O. >>
> Envy is a piss-poor reason to push for changes.

No envy here. I just don't understand how some human beings (one not
essentially different from another) are worth billions and some are barely
valued at all (no matter how hard they work - and by "work" I mean doing
something that takes away from one's leisure and personal time). That some
human beings are worth a BIT more than others I can understand. But the
HUGE earnings gap by those at the top to those at the bottom - that I don't,
and looks like I never will - understand. I've read the explanations
(written by the hunters, not the hunted), but they don't make sense to me.
Human beings are not that different one from another, and that's that.


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