Re: Bye-Bye to the >H Right Wing

From: Olga Bourlin (
Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 13:15:24 MST

From: "Mike Lorrey" <>
> Miriam English wrote:
> > So goes the litany of evils that so many Americans seem to project upon
> > kind of mild, almost disinterested, social responsibility that seems to
> > color Oz.
> >
> > You know what is the strangest thing? The people who foam most strongly
> > the mouth when screeching about the evils of society are those who have
> > benefitted most from it. Those who have been born into the richer
> > who have gained their wealth and knowledge from countless generations
> > before them, demand that they alone be recognised as being the creators
> > their good fortune and that they are damned if they will share it with
> > anybody else.
> Can you prove otherwise? Government has always operated more as a
> hindrance to individuals attaining wealth than a help. How, in fact, did
> government give Bill Gates $60 billion? How has it given Harvey, or
> Brent, or any other successful extropian their wealth. Every one of them
> will demonstrate how they worked their butts off for it.

Does Bill really need $60 billion? Sheesh, won't a paltry couple of billion
do anymore?

> While I don't deny that there are those who make a career of feeding at
> the public trough, and some of the smart ones even get rich at it, but
> the overwhelming majority do so just to avoid doing real work.

Granted, again, this is from my own personal experience ... but it is the
overwhelming majority of rich people I've known who have avoided doing real
work and it is the middle class or poorer people I've observed who have done
the most work, often to ease the life for the "poor" rich blokes.


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