Re: The Quest for the Purpose of Life

Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 08:28:16 MST

eric chen opined:
<<A number of us had probably not consider the possibility that Digital
Physics and God can co-exist (with God as programmers outside
the simulation), though He/She/It/They would probably not have such egoistic
desires that some others had believe (like requiring
absolute belief in Its existence or your entry into a computer simulation
that will inflict pain on you for apparently forever). >>

Yes, Fredkin physics and Jurgen Schmiudhuber papers. At this pouint, unless a
Singularity comes along comapartively soon, or one is a supporter of
cryonics, the question, as you have suggested, is pendantic. Of course, that
has never stopped anyone on this list from addressing such an issue,
including myself.

You think of a 'raison d' etre' for survival, I would surmise the need for
intellectual stimulation, and the need for even digital minds to obtain a
temporary condition of satisfaction. Satisfaction can be 'inherently,
engineered, into such uber beings to be self-contained, and self-satisfied,
and thus when a particular cosmos or domain ceases, the minds that inhabit
them would also.

Back to the 'raison', think of dead universes, and the desire for enjoying
watching them brought to life (digital or otherwise) and seeing evolving uber
minds evolving is many of those. Kind of fun for the uber minds, especially
if the results are difficult to predict.

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