Re: RE: Come over to ExI-Community chat! We're there now

From: Mikko J Rauhala (
Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 05:18:45 MST

On Sat, 2 Feb 2002, animated silicon love doll wrote:
> 2002.02.02 17:07:41, "Harvey Newstrom" <> wrote:
> >A few people have noted this as well. I can only get it working in one of
> >my nine browsers. The chat is built into Yahoo, and I don't have much
> >insight into how it works inside.
> Which browser is it working in for you? I use Opera, and the message
> it gave me said to download a new version of Netscape if you see the
> error message.

It started for me in Mozilla for Linux, but the layout is rather crammed
to the extent of having a zero-width input field. Also, I'm not quite sure
if it ever got connected, since the CS department has a rather picky
firewall. It actually seems from the chat documentation that they're not
really motivated to make it work anywhere except Windows, which kind of
makes it not an option for me.

> >I used to be much more active on IRC. The problem is that it doesn't spread
> >across all servers very well.

> That's true. But we could still set up a channel that would be the
> official ExI chan. List it on the Yahoo site and maybe even the ExI
> homepage, saying "This is where you go if you want to chat!"

Yes, just spesify an IRC network along with the channel. I could suggest
DALNet even though I don't use it myself currently, because it seems to
have servers with few access restrictions in the US and EU and some other
places. EFNet and IRCNet are generally more geographically confined,
though there are probably some servers that would allow cross-continent
participants. In case of using one of them it'd probably be nice to list
some of such generous servers as well.

Mikko Rauhala - -

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