Re: patriots -- cute

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Sat Feb 02 2002 - 09:58:14 MST

J Corbally wrote:
> >Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 17:54:56 EST
> >From:
> > writes: I haven't been following this list closely
> >lately, so I apologise if someone has already brought your attention to this:
> >
> >Jeez, what a misplaced sense of humor.
> >Ron h.
> Very funny! How'd they get it on the Whitehouse site? A redirect or some
> such? is not the real whitehouse, is the
proper address (and is a porn site).

Saw an entertaining cartoon in today's paper: two al Qaeda are freezing
their butts off in an Afghan cave and reading the newspaper with the
headline: "Guantanamo Conditions: 'Too breezy, no pillow mints'", with
the turbaned readers replying "Barbarians!"......

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