A Call for Papers: Practical Cosmology

From: Mark Walker (mdwalker@quickclic.net)
Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 15:31:47 MST

A Call For Papers:

Practical Cosmology

An Online Symposium Sponsored by the

 Journal of Evolution and Technology

  "I think I have shown that there are good scientific reasons for taking
seriously the possibility that life and intelligence can succeed in molding
this universe of ours to their own purposes."

  - Freeman Dyson

Papers are invited on Practical Cosmology: the field that investigates the
role of intelligence in the evolution of the universe. Examples of questions
covered by this young discipline are:

  1.. Can technologically advanced civilizations create engineering works on
a cosmological scale, e.g., the construction of Dyson spheres?
  2.. Is it possible for us (or intelligence in general) to live forever or
will entropy consume us all?
  3.. How many sentient beings can the universe support?
  4.. Why do we not now see the existence of intelligence and the molding of
the universe? (The Fermi Paradox)
  5.. How many technologically advanced civilizations should we expect to
find in the universe? (The Drake Equation)

The online symposium will be from June 1 to June 30, 2002. A moderated
e-list will be formed to allow panellists and audience to discuss the papers

Attendance is free and open to all. Prospective panellists should submit an
abstract of no more than 300 words as early as possible but not later than
May 1, 2002; to mail@markalanwalker.com Abstracts should clearly state the
nature and conclusions of the final paper. Papers are due May 24. 2002.

Papers will be considered for possible inclusion in a special volume of The
Journal of Evolution and Technology.

Dr. Mark Walker
Research Associate, Trinity College, University of Toronto
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Evolution and Technology www.transhumanism.com

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