Re: `posthuman' antho

From: animated silicon love doll (
Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 22:38:16 MST

2002.01.31 21:24:08, Damien Broderick <> wrote:

>i know, he keeps using those damned capital letters. it's too hard

yep! if you ask nicely i might actually capitalize, though - i can do it for e2, so i can do it
here. i just find them distasteful.
though i am quite fond of sterling's use of periods.

(on the other hand, i love ee cummings. i am fairly certain that at least my excessive use
of parenthenses is influenced a lot by him.)

cheshire morgan. we all create life, some of us with wombs,
                        some with smiles, some with patient hands.
                        we are all gods, if we choose to be.

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