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From: Reason (
Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 19:24:36 MST

----> Robert J. Bradbury

> > The trouble with SMS is it's a bit crude as-is for anything other than
> > boy-girl stuff. [snip]
> You can tell its the Extro list when you only know 1 in 4 acronyms...
> GUI = Graphical User Interface
> SMS = ??? (symmetric messaging system?)
> GSM = ???
> WAP = ???

Go look at -- excellent intro resource for the
technical acronym side of wireless. It seems a while ago now, but I remember
"wtf" being a commonly uttered acronym back in my early days of finding out
that the wireless industry is almost as bad as the US military on this

Glossary #1:
Glossary #2:

> And yes I own 2 cell phones. One is in Moscow and hasn't been used
> in 8 months. The other I purchased in the U.S. hoping to use for
> the Y2000 New Year's Eve in Moscow, but it turned out it wouldn't
> work there so I've never had it activated.

Russia is pretty primitive. It's getter better fast (like everywhere else),
but it's a toss-up as to whether it'd rank above or below tropical Africa
for better wireless biz dev opportunities. South and Central America is the
up-and-coming market for early birds at the moment, Asia is in full
investment swing, and Europe is figuring out what the hell to do now that
everyone has a cellphone.

> I'll be proud to be the founder of the UOF enclave...

[much whitespace snipped]

> UOF = Us Old Folks :-)

Heh. And I was going to finish this off with "UOF? wtf?"


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