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Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 02:46:35 MST

2002.01.31 01:23:29, "Robert Coyote" <> wrote:

>It might indeed. But it might also lead to very entertaining (or, to some,
>appalling) new hair "styles." Young people, rather than dying their hair,
>might have selected implants to give them multicolored heads of hair. Even
>beyond that, if hair follicles are indeed immune-privileged sites, then even
>interspecies hair transplants might be possible and desired by the more
>adventurous. Imagine a head of silky mink fur! Or how about an entire "coat"
>of mink fur?

screw that, i just want straight hair! the only thing i can do that is not a total pain is
braids/extensions... and i can't afford extensions right now, and my hair's too long for
braids. i hate living in such a conservative state, when the only things i can do that look
remotely non freakish are long hair (which will take another year or so) in a ponytail or no
hair (NO).

as much as i might like a mink coat, i'd rather just get rid of my body hair entirely...

> 1.. Reynolds et al., "Trans-Gender Induction of Hair Follicles," Nature
>402:33-34 (1999).

and that title brings up an idea, too - transsexuals could get hair of the proper sex
implanted. (hell, i'm non-op and i'd love to have girls leg hair. just to make shaving easier!)

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