Re: Ashcroft Antics

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 22:57:40 MST

> That's my point - at some point, even in a libertarian government, someone
> needs to have personal responsibility for the artistic appearance of
> public buildings. There is nothing wrong with Ashcroft taking charge of
> the appearance of his building. Curtains are not "vandalism" and he is
> not destroying his predecessors' efforts, just temporarily switching them
> off. Sure, Ashcroft's decision may only be temporary; sure, we may
> disagree with it; my point is that is that it is legitimately Ashcroft's
> decision. How would we feel if a transhumanist Attorney General were
> mocked in the media for putting a curtain over, say, a painting of God
> judging sinners?

Fair point. In a /truly/ libertarian society of course, there /are/
no such things as "public" buildings, so the problem doesn't exist.
But I suppose since we do have to compromise on that point a bit, we'll
have to compromise on the public art issue too. And just for the
record, I'd leave that painting--as I'd leave one depicting slavery,
or war, and other despicable things--they're still my history if not
my future.

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