Re: Caloric Restriction: I think it works.

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Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 04:17:47 MST

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> >What you were practicing at 16 was not CR, it was starving yourself. CR
> >not about skipping meals, but reducing caloric intake during meals.
> No, CR is about reducing calories in conjunction with otherwise adequate
> nutrition. Skipping meals, eating less per meal, intermittent fasting,
> continuous noshing on lettuce; they all work fairly comparably. Isn't
> Walford an intermittent faster?

I believed CR was about controlling carefully the insulin levels in your
bloodstream in order to avoid tolerance; thus keeping the blood chemistry
within certain parameters conducive to anti-aging? That's the system I'm
familiar with, anyway? If so, skiping meals would definitely not assist
this. Eating 'less' is not as useful as eating the 'right' things to achieve
that balance, ie low-density carbohydrates, omega3 fatty acids, just enough
protein, and no junk.
If I'm wrong, I'm going out for chips & ice cream right now, so please let
me know any evidence to the contrary!
Yours hopefully,

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