Re: A Toast to MAX! on his BirthDay

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 18:17:24 MST

> From: Anders Sandberg
> >There is an old Irish toast that goes "May you live to be a hundred
> years with one extra year to repent". In this case I would suggest:
> May you live a million years with an extra eternity for the *real*
> enjoyment!<

One way to counter the memetic force of cultures and traditions is to
create new ones. Newtonmass needs some fleshing out, for example.
Allow me to propose a tradition: the Extropian birthday toast.
Glasses of Amontillado in hand (a nod to Franklin, though I suppose
any old sherry or wine will do in a pinch), cry "One million more!".
Of course, the particular unit we wish to see a million more of will
vary depending on the planet or other habitat we happen to be toasting
on, but for now we'll just assume years as a reasonable default.

A million more, Max. (And yes, I have a glass of Hartley & Gibson in
my hand as I type.)

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