Re: A Toast to MAX! on his BirthDay

From: John Grigg (
Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 16:16:16 MST

Happy Birthday Max!,

I just want to publicly congratulate you on having yet another Birthday! :) I remember very fondly the time I got to speak with you at Extro-5. Your wisdom and good heart really impressed me.

I'm betting Natasha knows how to throw a great Birthday party!! Have a good time!

If you happen to live long enough, these parties will just get more and more interesting over the years!! Both in quality of party favors and guests of enduring friendship.

warmest wishes,


I'd like to make a toast to Max More who has been a generous and
welcoming contributor to our culture.

I am amazed at how Max keeps his focus on the big transhumanist
picture -- the long term, the never-ending desire to see transhumanity
grow and prosper, and the immediate issues that face our culture
and our world. Not only has his instinctive intellection broadened
the scope of what people deem as possible, he takes it a step further
by shedding light on the many of the concerns and unanswered questions
of those with whom he comes in contact.

I hope that we all become wiser by knowing Max. I hope we become
more loving and compassionate people having met Max. I hope that
we become yet more critical and scrutinizing in our acceptance of
facts and the world around us and give to one another our gifts of questioning and wonder.

Now, "[h]ere's to plain speaking and clear understanding" (Bogart) --

May your life be a life and a merry one!

Happy Birthday!


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