Re: Solving World Problems: Hunger

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 10:24:11 MST

>From: James Rogers <>

>At the very least, you could definitely grow apples, pears, and
>cherries just about anywhere in the snow belt, and they are good
>looking trees that wouldn't detract from the landscaping. And of
>course, there is the famous spring blossoms that these trees
>produce as well.

Yep, apple trees are around, but not all that common except in
local orchards, unless you count crabapples, and in the old
neighborhood we had one neighbor with a swell pear tree. I've never
seen a really good cherry tree here except chokecherries and those
are an acquired taste. There are four cherry trees across the
street in front of the church but I've never seen any real fruit.

A good friend has a terrific plum tree, and the golf course across
the street from my apartment has wild grape vine growing on its
fence as cover. (tiny berries)

Blackberries are common, but generally seen as a pain.

I caught a couple of "nature lovers" eating buckthorn berries one
time till I explained what the Indians used them for (extremely
powerful laxative). Buckthorn is also a big pain here.


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