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<< The second sentence requires a pre-Darwinian metaphysics: evolution *per
 se* as teleological. If it *were* so, then punctuated equilibrium (say)
 would not be an observed fact of biological history. Every species would
 have its mutation checkers and repair systems turned down to the very
 lowest set point compatible with individuals surviving barely long enough
 to reproduce and aid offspring (if that is beneficial). >>

Metaphysics-shmetaphysics. The purpose of life you have well, diagrammed, D.
Broderick. Now ask the question this way: What is the purpose of human life?
Now ask the Next Question (to quote your fellow writer, Theodore Sturgeon).
What is the purpose of post human technological life? I am presupposing that
humanity gives birth to successor species. These people I am guessing will
completely see themselves as 100% human beings, just augmented, uploaded
and/or computer generated, "Why is this primitive sapien being so fussy about
our descriptions anyway?"

The porpoise of intelligent technological life, says Flipper, is to
(ree-ree!) restart the Universe. Thanks for all the fish, but it was Sir
Arthur C. who formulated that concept in Songs from Distant Earth. But also
George Zebrowski did his part also, I believe. And we shan't forget Isaac the
Asimov in his short story, The Final Question. Olaf Stapledon may have had
them all beat, in answer to depressed, H.G's The Shape of Thing to Come, with
Stapledon's Last and First Men.

The purpose of current people is to create wiser, kinder, more human and
human people (by whatever method) in order to fix or upgrade the universe.
This is the meta-goal. We have failed, so far, but let us not be
perfectionist, especially when not everyone has been made aware of this
philosophy. This would be the work of centuries, or a week and a half, if
your SI's ever kick in.

Another meta is the search for knowledge in order to enhance enjoyment, and
increase the chance for long-term survival (as has been mentioned by just
about everyone). Sex is also a meta-goal, but beyond the proper scope of this
list. But hey, I through it in, so sue me.

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