Re: Solving World Problems: Hunger

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 20:22:34 MST

James Rogers wrote:

> As someone who grew up around gobs of fruit trees of all types, I would say
> your first reason is the correct one. A healthy fruit tree produces a *LOT*
> of fruit, even a small one, and depending on the type of tree may produce
> all year... -James Rogers

James thanks for bringing back fond memories of my misspent youth.
The Florida town where I grew up was formerly acres upon acres of
citrus groves. Most yards in the tracts had one or more trees. The
neighbor lady used to pick the stuff and put it in grocery bags out front
with a big sign "free fruit, or $1 donation per bag." I guess it was an
easy place to be poor: a homeless person would not perish of exposure
as it was warm, and it would be nearly impossible to starve to death in
that town. A sluggard would feel pretty silly holding a "will work for
food" sign with food hanging on trees all around.

Hey that gives me an idea. Most places could set up public farms
and trees. Then when the will-work-for-fooders show up, they have
a place to work if they really mean it: maintaining the public farms.
They would be free to devour all they can eat. We could even set
up army tents out there. People would donate sleeping bags and
clothing and such, especially if they saw will-work-for-fooders
actually doing so. spike

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