RE: Solving World Problems: Hunger

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Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 17:59:50 MST

There are fruit trees lining the streets in some of the older suburbs in
Canberra, Australia. Plums, apricots (I think), other stone fruit? I can't
remember. Plums, mostly.

When I was a student, I often lived in rental houses with an apple tree in
the yard somewhere (quite common) and fruit trees in the street. Thus, even
given my measly income at the time, I am alive now. I will always be
grateful for those fruit trees... they are a brilliant idea.


(btw, I think it is the cost of cleaning/hazard of putrefying fruit which is
the reason they are banned in most places. It's a crazy business.)

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> I think there is another problem, in Australia at least...
> Some time ago I looked into the idea of getting councils to
> plant fruit
> trees rather than decorative ones, and found out that it was
> either against
> some law or against some set of rules or guidelines. (I can't
> remember
> exactly... it was about 20 years ago that I looked into this.)
> The point is that there must be some reasoning behind
> preventing this...
> never found out what...
> - maybe it is to lessen the cost of cleaning up putrefying fruit
> - maybe it is because previous attempts to do this produced
> local squabbles
> - maybe people snuck around and stripped trees of fruit and
> sold it at
> local markets
> - maybe moneyed interests in the local fruit trade were
> just afraid of
> their profits going down...
> It sounds like an interesting question. If I wasn't so busy I
> might be
> tempted to look into it... unfortunately it will have to wait
> until after
> my uploading. :-)

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