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Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 16:34:49 MST

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> >This is, imho, one of her major blunders. She claimed that an
> >immortal robot would have no need for ethics and no standard of
> >values. This speaks rather badly for our future SI, or even for
> >ourselves. Values are a matter of choice of what one most cares
> >about acheiving, not simply and only what one most needs to
> >continue living when death is an alternative and the ultimate
> >disvalue. Effectively immortal beings can thus also have values
> >as can software and robotic sentiences.
> Translated into more conventional language, she's saying that
> an immortal robot could choose any value set, and implying
> that as a consequence its values would be bizzare and meaningless
> and probably likely to become more so over time. Given that the robot was
> non-reproductive, I would agree with her, and expect a universe
> of such things to be filled with things chasing stuff like perfect
> Go games and interesting methods to torture small animals.

...But humans chase stuff like perfect go games and interesting ways to
torture small change there then.

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