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Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 13:23:34 MST

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Subject: TECH: Copying DVDs

> Just got an interesting piece of junk email purporting to be selling
> software to allow you to burn DVDs on any CD-R/RW drive if you also have
> a DVD player installed as well.
> is the website. For some of the more tech savvy types on the list, is
> this possible? Is this site for real?
Hi there,
My fiancee (she's the brainy one) has heard that it is possible to format a
CD-R with a DVD filesystem. A disk so formatted will read as if it were a
DVD by a DVD player BUT this does not increase the storage capacity of the
CD-R. It will still only have 640 megs on it. So squeezing a movie on will
take several disks.
This may not be the same thing, so ask around.

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