Re: life test for planets

Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 14:56:46 MST

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Eugene comented:

I side with the rare earth camp until demonstrated otherwise. We have yet to
mix chemicals and electricity and whola! Life! That day may come very soon,
but it sure has been today. Proof of water on Mars, Europa, and Ganymede
evidence HO and not life. Not that I am at all disappointed that even
Jupiters moons seem to be water rich.

Are solar system petri dishes? As of now yes, but the notion that Arrihius's
pansermia (or whatever his name was) being revived in the last two decades
is surprising. Perhaps there is a vehicle of intersteller transport that
currently remains unknown; some kind of magical electromagnetic or gravitic
current that flows from star to star, like the Pacific Trade winds? And
probably Bigfoot makes crop circles in corn fields too. Ah well.

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