Re: Singularity and AIs (was: We're stuck with each other)

From: animated silicon love doll (
Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 13:31:06 MST

2002.01.27 3:36:22, Eugene Leitl <> wrote:

>So there is a very real hardware problem, namely that 2 GOPS of braindead

some things here go over my head, but until now i don't think i've seen anything that i just
completely don't get. so. what's a GOP? unless you're talking about 2 republicans full of
braindead sequential operations...

slightly less important, but on a similar note, could anyone give me a precise definition of

cheshire morgan. we all create life, some of us with wombs,
                        some with smiles, some with patient hands.
                        we are all gods, if we choose to be.

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