Re: Selfishness Report

Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 04:32:39 MST

Rand's view that selfishness is a virtue is still, conceptually, to be
demonstrated; even though many on this list love that idea. Here is academic
research, giving evidence to the contrary of Randian philosophy (again,
perhaps flawed). Yet, many people on this list accept Rand's views on
selfishness, as if it were an absolute.

Also, if this German study is true, it also will have value as a way forward
for long-term meta goals such as moving ahead with new technologies, and
space colonization, as well as other-worldly concepts, such as how an
uploaded society might get along. Lets, see if other such studies have the
same result, or if their analysis is biased against Rand.

Lloyd Stated:


First read Rand. She explains somewhere how
important reputation is in a free economy and
how regulation undermines the function of reputation.>>

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