Tallying the New Bioethics Council

From: John Thomas (jwthomas@sonic.net)
Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 08:55:51 MST

Tallying the New Bioethics Council
Has Leon Kass stacked the deck?
By Ronald Bailey

Last week President Bush appointed his new 18-member Council on Bioethics,
charging them to "consider a range of bioethical matters connected with
specific biomedical and technological activities, such as embryo and
stem-cell research, assisted reproduction, cloning, uses of knowledge and
techniques derived from human genetics or the neurosciences, and
end-of-life issues. The Council may also study broader ethical and social
issues, such as the protection of human subjects in research and the
appropriate uses of biomedical technologies." The new Council is headed by
University of Chicago bioethicist Leon Kass, who selected its other 17

Let's stipulate that the Council is composed of very distinguished thinkers
and researchers. However, examining Kass' roster, it becomes apparent that
he has chosen many cronies that share his dour fears about the direction of
medical progress.


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