Re: Hawking's Doom and Gloom debunked...

From: Jacques Du Pasquier (
Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 12:41:12 MST

Mike Lorrey wrote (25.1.2002/11:58) :
> In response to physicist Stephen Hawking's prediction that the human
> race will not survive the next 1,000 years,

>From what I read, he actually predicted the opposite, saying that the
human race would survive only by spreading into space, and that it
would in fact do that. :-)

The "rebuttal" didn't rebut much. The reference to the past doesn't
look promising in that context. People, for example, do live for some
time and avoid many dangers -- and then they die. When things change,
you have to figure out where they go, not how it's been so far. If you
think "exponential growth" (of dangers), we know what it means : it
means that it's like there is nothing for much time, then suddenly
it's "bigger than life" (literally). We have a fixed size and


> researcher Benny Peiser of
> the Liverpool John Moore's University tells that Hawking is
> not taking humanity's problem solving abilities seriously....

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