Re: The Quest for the purpose of Life

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 07:38:21 MST

>From: "Chen Yixiong, Eric" <>

>Very well then. If life has no purpose, or this question has no
>meaning, can someone give me good reasons (with sufficient
>justification) why:

>1) we still remain alive (or why don't we all just die?)
>1.1) since we have so many problems, why don't we just wipe
>everyone out to solve all these problems?

>2) why we seek progress
>3) why we insist on certain things such as freedom

Of course life has a purpose, I already explained that.

>Perhaps someone else here can contribute more questions instead of
>only answers. I hope this will result in a serious and fruitful
>debate and consideration of our meta-goals or lack of them.

You led us to believe you were looking for answers, not questions.
There are an infinite number of questions.

Extropians have goals, try re-reading the principals.


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