Epstein on the late Robert Nozick

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Life of Liberty: Robert Nozick, R.I.P.

By Richard A. Epstein, Professor of Law, the University of Chicago &
Fellow, the Hoover Institution
January 24, 2002 10:20 a.m.

The bulletin on the Harvard University website reported Wednesday today
the death at age 63 of Robert Nozick. The release goes on to write what
everyone who knew Nozick would confirm. As teacher, friend, and
colleague in no particular order, he was a restless intellectual capable
of enlivening every discussion with a bewildering blitz of questions
that always left you one step behind. In one sense, it might be possible
for each of us to think of many people with the intelligence and
enthusiasm of Robert Nozick. But a short tribute to Nozick on the
website of the National Review is appropriate for yet another reason. He
counts, along with Friedrich Hayek, as one of the two most important
voices for individual liberty, private property, and limited government
in the twentieth century.

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