RE: NANO: Casimir force a source of energy/propulsion?

From: Colin Hales (
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 14:01:00 MST

For about 100ms this chain of actions flashed through my mind as I read the

Wouldn't devices that could take energy out of the plank-scale froth 'eat
space'? If that happens other 'space/froth' would move (if indeed 'move' has
meaning/whatever that is in 10 dimensions) to take its place. Is it possible
that it may slow down (infintesmally , of course, the rate of expansion of
our universe?

I was thinking about one of those 'ratchet' motors that one finds in
intra-cellular molecular mechanics. Put a few million million of those in
something and it could be a useful propulsion in some way.

*save the universe - no more heat death!*

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