RE: Healthcare (was Re: John in Alaska)

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Wed Jan 23 2002 - 18:54:51 MST

Mike Lorrey wrote,
> I'd rather blow my life
> savings on a full body suspension job than spend the same amount on
> geriatric care in my last years.

Ah! I didn't make this clear. I've already done this. I purchased
whole-life insurance to cover full-body suspension in the late '80s. I even
funded an extra 50% as a donation to Alcor to make sure any unexpected
expenses are covered. I agree with you that this should be the first
priority for long-term survival. When I talked about delaying death, I
really meant delaying deanimation.

Second priority: Nutrition including anti-oxidants and calorie restriction.
Third priority: Stable home life, financial stability, enjoyable job, and
avoiding stress.
Fourth priority: Hanging around other futurists, and pursuing their reasons
for differing opinions in an attempt to make sure I don't miss anything
Fifth priority: Saving my money to pay for geriatric care when needed to
delay my deanimation.

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