RE: Healthcare (was Re: John in Alaska)

Date: Wed Jan 23 2002 - 00:45:24 MST

Harvey writes:
> These don't make much sense to me. They seem to argue that some factors are
> genetic, some factors are environmental, most improvements come from
> self-actions, and that doctors only help extend lifespan in a minority of
> cases. I don't see how this argues against going to the doctor. Even a
> little bit of an edge is better than none. Even a slight increase in
> longevity is better than none.

I don't think anyone was arguing against going to the doctor.
The question was whether the problem with health care today is that
people don't go enough. See the exchange below:

Brian Williams wrote:
> I think the point of improvement for U.S. health care is to take a
> more pro-active approach. People should see their doctors regularly
> and as the old adage goes "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound
> of cure". The system should be structured economically to make this
> happen.

Hal Finney wrote:
> Again I want to remind you that Robin Hanson, who as an economist who
> has studied health care issues is in a position to know, has pointed
> out that there is little objective evidence that this practice will
> improve health. According to Robin, what evidence there is suggests
> that seeing the doctor regularly does not do much for your health.


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